Conference topics

By attending the PAC World Africa Conference 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa you can listen to the presentations of the international speakers discussing the following topics:

  1. The Future of Electricity – PAC challenges of today and tomorrow
  2. PAC and Smart Grid
  3. System analysis
  4. Standardization and harmonization of system models
  5. Wide area monitoring and control
  6. Communications and their applications
  7. IEC 61850, applications and benefits
  8. Standard protocols and common data formats
  9. Cyber security
  10. Multifunctional Protection IEDs and their applications in transmission and distribution systems
  11. Advanced protection, automation and control functions and applications
  12. Adaptive protection
  13. System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
  14. Synchrophasors, applications and benefits
  15. Testing of devices, distributed functions and systems
  16. Power quality
  17. Automatic fault analysis
  18. Substation automation
  19. Distribution automation
  20. Home automation
  21. Impact of wind power on PAC
  22. Distributed Energy Resources integration
  23. Asset management and condition monitoring
  24. Engineering of protection, automation and control systems
  25. Visualization, situational awareness
  26. Wide area disturbances analysis and lessons learned
  27. Protection operation analysis and lessons learned
  28. Power system education challenges for professionals and administrators
  29. Standardization of protection, automation and control systems
  30. Any other protection, automation and control related topic