Presentation Schedule

Thursday Morning
S1-001 Analysis of a Network Incident in the Mandini / Sappi 132kV Network Involving Seemingly Unrelated Multiple Breaker Operations Angus Kerr, Eskom Group Technology, South Africa
S1-002 The Usage Of Clients For Testing In IEC 61850 Thomas Schossig, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
S1-003 A Universal Protection Scheme for Open Phase Detection of Unloaded or Lightly Loaded Power Transformers Graeme Lloyd, Sharaf Hosseini, Alstom Grid UK Ltd, UK; Calvin Vo,Jim Blake, Alstom Grid Inc, USA; Dylan Stewart, ALSTOM Grid Inc, Canada; Joe Schaefer, Michael Putt, Florida Power & Light Company, USA
S1-004 Case Study: Increasing Reliability, Dependability, and Security of Digital Signals Via Redundancy and Supervision Paulo Franco, Geraldo Rocha, David Dolezilek, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
S1-005 Application of IEEE C37.94 Standard for Interfacing a Two Terminal Differential Protection Relay Pair to SDH Multiplexor Equipment Themesha Khan, Kribashen Naidoo, Yarish Brijmohan, eThekwini Municipality, Electricity Unit, South Africa
S1-006 PMU-based power system monitoring and control method for the solution of the economic dispatch problem using the RTDS C. Kriger, S. Krishnamurthy, G.Deivakkannu, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
S1-007 A Collation & Analysis Methodology for Substation Event Data via a Web Interface (supporting COMTRADE, GOOSE & MMS Data Sources from Multiple Vendors) Bruce Mackay, Energy Solutions, South Africa
S1-008 Novel Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Early Warning System for the GB Grid S. L. Zimath, M. Agostini, Alstom, Brazil; D. Wilson, R. Giovanini, S. Clark, Alstom, UK

Thursday Afternoon
S2-001 Case Study: Using IEC 61850 Network Engineering Guideline Test Procedures to Diagnose and Analyze Ethernet Network Installations Marcel van Rensburg, David Dolezilek, Jason Dearien, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., South Africa and USA
S2-002 Techniques for Closed-Loop Testing of Protective Relays and Full Protection Schemes B S Rigby, etalumiSe (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
S2-003 Power Plant Cyber Security Assessments: The First Step in a Sustainable Security Policy Edith Kikonyogo, ABB Power Generation, South Africa; Marco Biancardi, ABB Power Generation, Italy; Marc Antoine, ABB Power Generation, Switzerland
S2-004 Commissioning of a distributed busbar protection using a system-oriented test in the field Florian Fink, Thomas Hensler, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria; Frank Trillenberg, NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, Germany, Jörg Köppel, ABB AG, Germany
S2-005 The Intelligent Logical Node: Combining IEC 61850 and IEC 61499 J. Hector, E. Luwaca, J.P. Atkinson, Eskom, South Africa
S2-006 Detailed analysis of the Sampled Value Message Structure C. Kriger, A. C. Adewole, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa; A. Apostolov, OMICRON, USA
S2-007 The role of virtualization in a smart-grid enabled substation automation system. Mr. Sagar Dayabhai, Consolidated Power Projects (CONCO), South Africa; Peter Diamandis, Quadnet Computer Systems, South Africa
S2-008 Real World Commissioning Experience Of A Large Eskom Electrical Generator Power System Stabiliser M Magro, ESKOM Group Technology PTM, South Africa
S2-009 Functionality, Design and Benefit Analysis of End-to-End Digital Substation Douglas Wilson, John Wright, Alstom Grid, UK; Priyanka Mohapatra, SP Energy Networks; UK

Friday Morning
S3-001 Databased Management of Protection System Maintenance Joseph Stevenson, ENOSERV, USA
S3-002 Evolution of Communication in the Intelligent Substation Tim Craven, H3iSquared, South Africa
S3-003 Selecting an Ethernet Failure Recovery Method for Protection and High-Speed Automation Applications David Dolezilek, Colin Gordon, Dwight Anderson, Timothy Tibbals, David Keckalo, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
S3-004 Approximating a Power Swing and Out-of-Step Condition for Field Testing Jason Buneo, Dhanabal Mani; Megger, Ltd; USA
S3-005 Distributed Synchronous Coordination Field Testing Of an Actual Automated Distribution Feeder System Billy Walker, Don Bowman, Chris Wright, Wake Electric Cooperative, USA; Suraj Chanda, Andre Smit, Alexandr Stinskiy, Siemens Industry Inc., USA; Stephan Geiger, Christopher Pritchard, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
S3-006 The Smart Substation Project: Poste Intelligent – the Next Generation Digital Substation for the French Power Grid Thierry Buhagiar, RTE, France; Jean-Paul Cayuela, Denis Chatrefou, Jean-Luc Rayon, Alstom Grid, France; Simon Richards, Alstom Grid, UK
S3-007 Optimising MV Sensitive Earth Fault protection via residual current trending Stuart van Zyl, PTM&C Centre of Excellence, Eskom, South Africa; Marcel van Rensburg, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc., South Africa; Thabo Malope, PTM&C Centre of Excellence, Eskom, South Africa
S3-008 A Method for Analyzing Three Phase Currents and Phase Shifts in Transformers by Using Instantaneous DC Currents Angus Kerr, Eskom Group Technology, South Africa
S3-009 Implementation of a Wide Area Monitoring Scheme for the Indian Power System Peter Harding, Graeme Lloyd, Abraham Varghese, Alstom Grid UK, UK; Ritesh Bharat, Nilesh RajeAlstom, T&D India, India

Friday Afternoon
S4-001 Simplifying Teleprotection Communications with New Packet Transport Technology David Dolezilek, Colin Gordon, Dwight Anderson, Steel McCreery, William C. Edwards Jr., Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
S4-002 Moving the Focus from Relay Element Testing to Protection System Testing Christopher Pritchard, OMICRON electronics, Austria; David Costello, Karl Zimmerman, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, USA
S4-003 Active Crowbar Protection System for Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) of a Variable Speed DFIG Wind Energy System Khaled M. Abo-Al-Ez, Centre of Subsation Automation and Energy Management Systems (CSAEMS), South Africa; R. Tzoneva, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
S4-004 Delhi Load Shedding Use Case Krishnakumar Venkataraman, Alstom Grid UK Ltd, UK; Sukumaran Sunish, Alstom Grid India Ltd, India
S4-005 Smart Power Transmission System Using FACTS Device Ikeli H.N., Transmission Company of Nigeria, Nigeria

Backup Paper
S5-001 The Future of Substation Protection & Control Systems Alex Apostolov, PAC World, USA